We’re closing this down, yaaay~

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For a pretty long time, this page has been a total mess, and for a certain time, we left this page for no reason, and that’s that.

I don’t know what to say more, but I decided to stop posting here because it’d be more to a mess here, so then I made a new wordpress so that I can manage things better.

Leet Review will be our new wordpress page, giving a subjective review of android games that people have been playing for a while. Though I am aware none will be reading this (because nobody cares *sob*), but hey, check us out there.

I’ll cut everything here. Pretty much, please visit Leet Review. Everything you read there will worth much for us.

GT Racing 2, a (not) real car exp

•November 27, 2013 • 1 Comment

Remember the gold era of GT Racing Motor Academy? Over 111 cars you can pick, any type of cars you can use on any tracks they serve. It was the best one I’ve ever played, until Real Racing 2 started to race their line with a better graphic.

As Gameloft saw their chance to make the old series shine, they made a whole new GT Racing series, claiming it’s “The Real Car Experience”. And it’s definitely not a real car experience due to some things. It’s not about the graphical issue (although it was one of them, gameloft actually made this to optimize the game to run a smooth fps. We’ll let this one go for this moment), but it’s all on the physics. Why so? I’ll tell you later, but first, we’ll go to the cash and credit system


As the game starts, you’ll be given three choices of cars, and you’ll have to drive these cars to get your cash and credit. The in-game cash itself can be obtained by finishing your race, and also by doing some task given, such as taking a perfect turn by the guidance of racing line (this can be bothersome since the racing line is semi-transparent unlike the one you saw in the old Motor Academy), and by overtaking. Chain overtaking gives you some extra cash as well. Credits, or the freemium part of the game, can be obtained by doing some of their weird task (such as finishing the race by reversing your car), by logging in to facebook by the first time and by leveling (it increases as your level increase, ny reaching level 4 you get 4, level 5 you get 5, and so on). Here’s the tricky part, you’ll need to save the freemium credit either to get car or to buy mechanics, and this will definitely waste your credit waaaay too fast, that they will suggest you to waste your money for a freemium game. And remember, mechanics also waste your time to race, and it can be done real fast by using credit, but you know you don’t want to spend them recklessly.


As I mentioned earlier, physics was the main problem of this game, why so? If you’ve played Real Racing 3, you will know which one turns and brakes better. GT Racing 2’s brake feels like you’re kicking the brake, making the car to feels like brake-lock instead of soft-braking (this is important to get a good race line and to get the best possible apex), and the car turns too deep that you have to control your turn slowly. Real Racing 3 has none of those issues, and everything feels perfect when it comes to braking and turning. But aside from all these physics issues, GT Racing 2 still serve you with something that’s not available in Real Racing 3, such as the weather system and the day-time feature.

If you’re considering graphical issue as another part of the problem, then it is one. The graphic compared to Real Racing 3 (on the same low to mid end device) feels different. Real Racing 3 has a better reflection and all, while GT Racing 2 cut these eye-candy graphic for a smoother framerate (and the problem is that RR3 still managed to run on a rather smooth framerate in such a good graphic). And by cutting, no cockpit view also counts (and the worst part, no hood view which I usually use to get a better cornering). This can be quite troublesome for such a title since they represent themself as The Real Car Experience.

Based on these, which is better?
If I have to pick between those two, I’d rather go for the physics than to go for feature. Real Racing 3 serves better physics for a sim-racing, while GT Racjng 2 feels like playing an arcade racing game instead of sim-racing. The repair system can be quite bothersome but as long as you know how to save your cash, then you’ll be good.

Jubeat Plus, Apparently on Play Store

•November 14, 2012 • 1 Comment

As the title has spoken, yes it’s currently on the Play Store for free, but seems that it’s either to be only for Xperia series and / limited for Japan only (my Galaxy Tab 2 is apparently incompatible to play this game as being said by the Play Store), but you guys could try your luck by either using MarketEnabler (root required), or if you have an Xperia device you can try opening this link (it will redirect you to the play store).

If you managed to download the game, share it for us here, your work will be appreciated since there’s not a single apk around. 😀

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Super Video, Pop-Up video for any android

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Samsung Galaxy SIII has been released for a pretty long time ago, and some were amazed with its feature, such as Pop-Up Video (the small video you can watch while messaging and such). Meanwhile, you surely would be interested to have this feature on your android devices. This is where Super Video come.

Super Video is a free application on Google Play Store, where you can play your video (or even stream any vids from youtube) on a small tab, in which can be moved and resized to any as you desire. This app support almost any video formats (some will require codec, which will be available for download from the app itself). Hereby I will show you some image sample of Super Video.


I’m watching~


Oh look! It can be resized and moved! Pretty convenient, isn’t it?


Farming while watching, pretty awesome combination!

Interested? You can get yours for free at the Play Store. Get it while it’s still fresh!

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Beats2, Still to Improve

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Been a few long time since I posted things here. Many things happened though, but well I’m back with my new Galaxy Tab 2 GT-P3100 (yep, the 7 inch one). Well, going through the main topic.

It’s been a while since I played Beats by Keripo. This game were pretty fun since you can play either Osu! mode or DDR mode. I enjoyed the DDR pretty much and felt in love with this game. And now, as Keripo promised to made a newer version, he made one as a prototype. What’s different from the previous one? Well let see…. 6 new modes including JuBeat, Technika, and 4 new mode that I don’t get the name….


Now this is the modes, this game comes with 8 modes and 3 types of difficulty. As it comes as a prototype version, Keripo only serve you with one song and no add-song feature. Well… It’s still a prototype of course, you can expect more as the final version has been released. And now going through the gameplay… At the moment, I’m going to review the technika mode as I’m interested more in Technika.


See the gray line? Yes, it’s the same line as the blue line on Technika. It only goes down and came back to the top (teleport lol), and it goes back down and repeat. The blue square is the note. As the game rolls, new notes will appear on the top of the line. What’s missing on this game is that you can’t slide your finger to the next note, and it only has touch, no hold note, repeat note and slide note.

Actually I’m pretty optimistic with this mode as it could look like this (picture below)
Errr no, it’s not a game. Just a video of D2 NM Custom Pattern downloaded from youtube using tubegod and played with video player. As you can see, the vid fits pretty perfect on my tab, even though the notes were pretty small. Now, what Keripo should do is….
1. Replace the grey line with blue line
2. Make the blue square transparent and put a circle note (so that the touch length is bigger, to avoid touch miss as touchscreen can be annoying at times)
3. Put two layer (top and bottom) on a landscape mode to be put as the lane for playing

I’m positive that Keripo can do this, show him more love, dude! =D

Download available at Play Store or check it out here

AKB48 & JKT48 promotional post

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Permisi ganggu sebentar, Kami dari KSK48 (fanbase AKB48/SKE48/NMB48/HKT48/JKT48). Kami diberi kesempatan dari pihak penyelenggara JAPAN POP CULTURE FESTIVAL untuk menyebarkan info tentang event JAPAN POP CULTURE FESTIVAL yang akan diadakan pada tanggal 25 & 26 februari 2012, jadi jangan lewatkan acara spesial ini


adapun isi acara yang akan dilaksanakan:


bagi para fans JPOP ditunggu kedatangannya diacara JAPAN POP CULTURE FESTIVAL

best regards,

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2012, Past Present Future

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Since 2011 has finally gone, and right now we’re on the 2012 era… living through all these past is a hard work for us. By learning our past, I’m really hoping thaf we all can fix our mistake in the past.

Well, Happy new year everyone.
Enjoy all the fun while it still last for a rather short time…

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Since christmas has come, why don’t any game developer give their game for free? I’d like to pick thise cool looking game on Japan’s Android Market :p

So, Merry Christmas to all of you guys who read my wordpress, thank you for visiting my site and I’m truly apologize if most of my post were considered as useless (especially if you thought that this one also is).

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Tomoe Mami Android Game, Her Destiny Has Changed

•December 17, 2011 • 1 Comment

The game was titled as Mami no Dokidoki Tiro Finale, released for both android and iPhone. Seems that Tomoe Mami has an alternate storyline for this game, different from the anime where whe was ‘beaten’ by Charlotte.

This game uses side scrolling system where you can only go left or right. But this game is pretty entertaining. Control Mami and try the fun of moving her and attacking the enemies.

You can get it


since you have to use Market Enabler to get this game on the market.

Please note that this game can’t be played on droid with HVGA screen or lower.

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Pokemon Android Game, a Battle Simulator

•December 6, 2011 • 2 Comments

A few weeks ago, one of my friend showed me his gameboid playing pokemon emerald (aaah… I felt nostalgic), along with his team. Then he asked : why does this gameboid not support multiplayer?

It makes me wondering as well

So I lurked (yes, again) and found this
It seems that this pokemon game is an online battle simulator for android, mac and windows.

It supports cross platform chat and battle, you can also make your own team (if you don’t, you’ll get 6

random pokemo

n for battling)

The downside for the android version are : it doesn’t support battle chat, plain interface.

A bit guide to play this game to your android :
1. Download the windows (to make your own team) and android installer (also, download barcode scanner, it will be used later)
2. Install the windows version and the android. Now make your own team via pc.
3. When you’re done, click plugin and export it to qr code.
4. Now open the android app and press import team via qr code and scan the code appeared on your pc monitor.
5. Your team is on your droid.
6. Join any server and chat/battle.

Got any problem? Comment here and let me help you through 😀

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